X-TREME Air Show
Aerospace America
Oklahoma City, OK 2003
Yours truly, Paul Fiebich, displays his 5-year old T.E.A.M. Air-Bike at the  Aerospace America Air Show.  As of this show it has traveled over 24,000 miles!  Displaying my Air-Bike always draws a considerable crowd as many people are interested in seeing what the "Little Guys" fly.  And Yes, I did fly the 150 miles from Derby, KS to the air show, is there any other way to attend?
My Air-Bike was nestled in among other warbirds: C-47,
Fokker DR-1 replica built & flown by Dick Curtis and a Cessna 150E JPATS owned and piloted by Wayne Bormann; both of Valley Center, KS.
Pilots of display planes do have benefits, here we are eating breakfast in the Biltmore hotel.
Aft view of above lineup
Dick Curtis, builder, owner, pilot of this Fokker DR-1 Triplane replica scampers over the countryside on his way home to Valley Center, Kansas.
Participating as a static display plane at this air show is the highlight of my flying season.  Additionally, while on display, numerous people who have visited my website or saw me at other air displays take time to stop in and visit.  It is wonderful to meet all of you, thanks for stopping by!