AirBike to AirVenture '05
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Flying base leg for runway 15 takes me past the SW campground area.  Yes, that's MY base leg at the bottom of the photo.
Flying parallel to Ultralight runway 15, I sized-up the landing procedures.  Concrete runway 36 is in the background as well as Lake Winnebago.
One more trip around the pattern and I am almost there!  Imagine that!  700 miles, 8 fuel stops, 3 overnight stays and about 100 new wrinkles in my butt!

That's Lake Winnebago at the top of the photo, and you can just see the conctete runway 36 at Whitman Field.

The AirBike is in a steep banking turn at this moment.  Isn't the countryside absolutely beautiful?

This is one of my favorite photos, I hope you like it too.
After passing the campground area, flying over the cornfield and the randomly parked cars the ultralight runway 15 is dead ahead.  We are
on an angled base leg just a few moments from landing at the greatest airshow mecca on earth!
Ready to turn final for runway 15.  The trick is to drop down below the tree tops in the gap where the two roads intersect.  Then turn final (right) and touchdown somewhere beyond where the three flagmen are standing.
Watch for turbulence.  Isn't this a sight!!
Tied down, registered, on display!
I then called my wife and told her I
was here.  She said: "Where?".
I said: "In Heaven"!
AirBike Ace's panel, note the aerobatic sequence and trip cards.