AirVenture '05
An AirBike Adventure
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One of the neat things about bringing your plane to AirVenture is that you get to fly in
front of a crowd!  My plane category flew twice a day, morning and afternoon.
I however, only flew in the afternoon because I was lodging off the AirVenture
grounds.  While at AirVenture I flew almost four hours! 
Oh Man!  Can't you just tell that I am one happy pilot who is glad to be in "Osh".
Even though my plane took a number of "hits" (4 in the fuselage) from The Red Baron, my evasive tatics were successful. I made it!
All the planes on display, like this B-17, are in pristine condition.  What a sight!
Is this an "antique" AirBike pilot?
Even though my plane is EXPERIMENTAL, it fits in better with thjose in the ultralight area.  That is Ken Bauer's Lindberg Trophy winner parked to my left.
It is a rare opportunity to walk right
up to the warbirds like this Skyraider.  It is even more exciting to feel their propwash as they taxi out to do their show passes!
Camping in the YMCA's air conditioned soccer arena was the best deal going.  $20 bought
space for two people, one tent, and full access
to the Y's facilities for one night. Contact them at:
For an extra $5/day an all-you-can-eat
well-balanced breakfast is available.
Extracted from the ice in Greenland,
Glacier Girl flies again.  What a beauty!
Some of you may remember seeing pieces
of this plane during AirVenture '91. 
Ken Bauer from Marinettet, WI displayed his prize winning TEAM plane.  His plane won the Lindberg Trophy!
Ken Bauer Photo
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Gary Christiansen photo
Gary Christiansen photo