Airbike to AirVenture'05
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There are not many of these B-24 Consolidated Liberators left.  Make a donation even if you don't inside to tour the plane.
Global Flyer sponsored by Virgin Atlantic Airlines is as significant  as Lindberg's Spirt of St. Louis and Rutan's Voyager.
Mother ship White Knight cradles Space Ship One. It was a high-interest craft.
This German turboprop powered Dornier
Do-24ATT flying boat is a fine example of beautifully sculptured sheet metal and design.
The hard-working & good-looking bus driving staff who ferried us about the
area were very much appreciated.
Spend some time at the seaplane base to see the really neat planes not on display at the airport.  It is a "cool" place to be!
The Hay brothers one-lunger engine powered this plane with a "wingwalker" from the flightline
"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful" are the best words to describe Mike Williams'  R-5239 #39 DeHavilland Tiger Moth!  See EAA Sport Aviation magazine's September '05 article on page 25 for the full story of what it is like to fly this marvelously nostalgic airplane.  Grab your silk scarf, leather helmet and goggles!
"Wherever you find good-looking airplanes, you will find pretty women"
Pilots in their own right, these twins stopped in to see my "cute" AirBike.
Brenda Anderson is our EAA Chapter rep. at Oshkosh, WI.
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product rep.