AirBike to AirVenture 2005
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The aerial photos below were taken on my return trip to Derby, Kansas.
From 1000' AGL the scenery is every bit as breathtaking and pleasant as
the outbound trip.  Ah, the joys of flying low and slow in an open cockpit plane you built yourself ! My AirBike has opened up a new arena of adventure!
An example of contour corn farming somewhere over Wisconsin.
I always enjoy photos that show part of my plane in the frame.  We are in northeastern Iowa.
This is a neat photo of a farmstead along a highway in rural America.  Note my shadow just to the right of the AirBike's right maingear.
Contour farming, alternate crops and drainage swales.  Southern Iowa.
One of the great things about flying is the community of friends who all share that same thrill and wonderment of flying machines.  This group is representative of those who participate in the East Tenessee Lonesome Buzzards bulletin board.  We met at Fazoli's restaurant in Oshkosh for pizza and friendship.  What a group of guys!
Life can't be all about airplanes, sometimes you have to re-establish your virility.  This machine didn't lie!
It is difficult to summarize a trip like this but here are a few statistics:

-1500 miles of open cockpit flying in great weather
-14 days out on the airwaves
-16 fuel stops, 112 gallons gas, 19 pints 2-stroke oil
-25 hours of total flying time
-3.7 hours of demo flying while at Oshkosh

Made stops in Emporia Miami & Leavenworth, KS, Roosterville & Trenton, MO, Bloomfield & tipton, IA, Monroe, West Bend, Oshkosh & Hartford, WI.

I slept on floors, chairs, & sofas of FBOs & pilot lounges and camped at the Oshkosh YMCA.  I ate at restaurants, vending machines and from my emergency rations.  I never missed a meal but did get two days behind one time!

I met a lot of nice people, had fun, shared experiences, worried (during a storm) and learned the value of "
Pass it on".  I hope you enjoyed these photos and comments, perhaps we will meet on another trip!  Happy flying!!
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