Beaumont Breakfast
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These two photos were taken by Bret Chilicotte
Bill Bailey's T.E.A.M. Mini-Max
Brian Fitzgerald's Quicksilver MX Sport
We had a hearty breakfasts of fried eggs, bacon, sausage, omlettes, rolls and lots of coffee. Over an hour was spent eating, enjoying each others company and those at a nearby table.  The restaurant was just the way it looked in the late '50's when it closed. 

From our vantage points we could look out the huge picture windows or at the photos decorating the wall.

Left to right are Brian Fitzgerald, Chris Duncan, Bill Bailey and Paul Fiebich.  This is the way to build friendships!
The walls were covered with real knotty pine paneling, the ceiling with acoustical tile squares, the counter and table tops with colored linoleum and chrome trim edging.  The brown leather topped swiveling stools had chrome around their edges and on their supporting posts.  They lined the counter like so many circuit breaker reset buttons on a plane's panel.

Below the ceiling were vintage model airplanes "circling" as though they were looking for a landing field.  Along the walls were wooden tables and chairs having red leather seats.
To those of us who grew up in the '50's, this restaurant wasn't just good, it was perfect!  Especially for aviators!
Paul (AirBike Ace), Chris (Eagle 1) and Bill (Midian Meteor)
pause for a photo prior to attending to their planes.
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