Beaumont Breakfast
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Amid farewells by onlookers and those who came out to photograph us and our planes, we climbed aboard our Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft and began to taxi to the runway.

Notice the sky, the flight home was just beautiful; sun and wind at our backs and blue sky with interesting cloud formations.
Paul taxis his Experimental T.E.A.M. AirBike past other parked planes.
Photo by Bret Chilicott
The taxiway is a one lane road, I pulled off to the side while still in the parking area to let this V-tail Bonanza go by.  The hotel has a restaurant and several dining areas on the main floor, rooms are on the second floor.  They are complete with running water, heat, TV and air conditioning.
On the taxiway going to the airfield are Brian in his Quicksilver MX Sport, Chris in his T.E.A.M. Mini-Max and in front of him is Bill, also with his T.E.A.M. Mini-Max.
At the airfield we took off in rapid succession being pleased with the way our planes could accelerate on the upslope and into the wind.

Larger planes like Cessna's, Piper's & Beechcrafts must takeoff downslope irregardless of the wind direction.  They could never summon the power and speed to take off the way we did.  Hurrah for Experimental and LSA aircraft!
After taking off to the north, everyone but me made a climbing 180 degree turn to get a closer look at the nearby windfarm.  I flew directly over the old railroad track near the airplane parking area and left a smoke trail.
Photo by Bret Chilicotte