Beaumont Breakfast
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About three miles south of Beaumont is one of three windfarms in Kansas, it is neat to see these topographical landmarks in the distance but even neater to see them up close. You are looking out the right front side of my AirBike  while at an altitude of 500 feet.
Although it appears as though the pilot is in amongst the whirling blades, he is actually above and beyond the collection of towers.  Photo by Chris Duncan
One of the great things about flying our little single-seat airplanes is that even though we can't carry a passenger we can fly together as a group.  In this case, we tried to stay in a diamond pattern formation and matched out speeds to the slowest bird.  By 10:30 that morning we were all back at the hangar reveling in the good time we just had.  This was a first: four of us going to a destination simultaneously.  We need to do more of it even though it does represent some coordination and compromises as we search for that elusive $100 burger or omlette.  The sense of being together doing what we love is overpowering!
Paradoy on a Master Card Ad:

Travel distance = 120 miles, Flying time = 2-1/4 hours, Breakfast = $8.00 + tip,
Total Expenses = $25.00, Camaraderie =
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