Carburetor Spring Retainer

Almost everyone who has a Bing carburetor on their engine encounters the same spring compression problem I did each time the jet needle is removed to reposition the spring clip. 
The problem is encountered during reassembly; trying to compress the spring, retain the plastic cup, keep the jet needle and clip in position and finally insert the throttle cable end through the hole in the bottom of the slide.

For a variety of reasons there just isn't enough room in this assembly for my fingers to hold everything together and still allow enough free play for the throttle cable.

Out of frustration, I came up with a solution which converted an aggrivating 15 to 30 minute task into a 10 second slick-as-a-whistle solution!  It worked so well, I want to share it with everyone.  Here it is.
This is it
The spring retainer is simply a U-shaped piece of sheet metal cut and formed to hold the compressed spring in position.
Using it

Once the carburetor spring is compressed, slide the spring retainer over the assembly. 

Insert the extended throttle cable into the carburetor slide passing through the spring clip opening and the hole at the bottom of the carburetor's slide.

Position the "bulb" at the end of the throttle cable into its seat.  Orient the plastic retainer with the carburetor slide grooves and gently release the spring retainer.

Wallah!!!  Assembly completed!  Install the assembly into the carburetor body, secure the screws (be sure the cap is oriented properly) and you're done.

How to Make it
Using the approximate dimensions from the sketch, lay out a flat pattern on sheet metal.

Cut out the pattern using tin snips, shear, jig saw etc., round the edges and form over a 2 X 4.  Allow about 1/4" bend radius to avoid cracking the metal.

Overbend and reverse bend the cutout area so that one area of contact pressure is on the spring's plastic cup and the other on the metal carburetor top.  See photo above.
If you found this solution useful to you, let me know.  If you have an airplane related tip, send it to me and I will post it on this Air-Bike website.
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