Decorative Wheel Covers
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Using the template, trace the star pattern onto the painted disk.  Use the hub cut-out metal disk taped to the pattern to center it on the white painted disk.  Note orientation of stem hole to star pattern.
Using low-stick masking tape, (it just happens to be blue) mask the edges of the star then trim with a craft knife and straightedge.  The white star is being masked.
After spray painting the unmasked portion of the wheel cover blue, peel back the masking tape to reveal the white star underneath!.
Tape from the backside, the metal hub cut-out disk so you can establish a center point.  Then mask the center area as shown.  Replace the compass' pencil with a craft knife, cut a circle & remove the masking tape.

Mask the remainder of the wheel cover with newspaper, paint the center red then remove the masking material.
Self-adhering door edging purchased from Auto Zone is perfect for making a neatly trimmed edge for the wheel cover.
Brass wood screws are used to secure the decorative wheel cover to the wood backup ring glued to the wheel's hub.
Looks pretty neat eh?
Install the wheel on the plane and secure either with a self-locking nut or a decorative acorn nut secured with Locktite.  *** Go fly! ***
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#8 Tracing
#9 Masking Star
#10 Remove Masking
#11 Center Circle
#12 Applying Edging
#13 Final Assembly