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Gary and I met Doug at High Point Airport, then took off and overflew Miles Field in Valley Center before landing at Neil Wretegerg's grass strip to visit.  We decided that flying in trail was fun but we ought to try a formtion flight since our airplanes were identical.  Following a brief discussion and agreeing upon hand signals (not everyone had a radio), plane positions, exit strategy and flight path we taxied out.

In a dramatic take-off sequence we lined up on the runway and each successive plane started their take-off roll when the previous plane lifted off.  The separation was enough to avoid wake turbulence concerns (as though an AirBike could create enough wake turbulence to be concerned about).
Even though it was near Halloween, Gary decided his natural handsome good looks were acceptable and he wouldn't need a costume.

Personally, I think a full-face rubber mask would have been an improvement.
Enroute to Gary Base's airfield where our fourth member, Dwayne Life was preparing his plane, we formed up into a triangle with Gary (who had flown formation with Ultralights when he was younger) as Point, Doug as Left Wingman and myself as Right Wingman.  Everyone was comfortable with 200' separation as we flew the straight-line course.

Approaching Dwayne's airfield we could see his Skyraider taking off from the runway so we stayed airborne.  Communicating by radio, Gary instructed Dwayne to fly the slot position making our formation into a diamond.  Hey, we were looking like something now!
Hand signals were simple.  To turn left, point man Gary stuck out his left arm, to turn right he stuck out his right arm, to descend he pointed to the ground.  Like I said simple. Of course in an Air-Bike sticking out your arm will cause you to turn anyway, it's like dragging a canoe paddle in the water.  Keep in mind that we are novices at this and it wouldn't take much for us to reach mental operational overload.  The KISS principle works for us!!
We are not as famous (yet) as the four flyers listed above but we sure do have as much fun!
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