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Roasting weenies, drinking pop, and eating chips made for a perfect opportunity to share experiences, get warmed up and rest.  Sabrina surprised us all by serving her fresh out-of-the-oven carrot cake with hot coffee for dessert.  What a treat!  Doug, can she be cloned?
An hour later there was still time until sunset for more formation flying before everyone needed to go home.  Taking off in rapid succession the four of us quickly formed up again and began flying over several of the same private airfields and croplands as we did earlier.

Eventually our last pass was straight down the High Point runway at the end of which I peeled off, wiggled my wings goodbye and started the 30-minute flight to Hamilton Field.  The remaining formation continued until near Gary and Dwayne's airfields where they too peeled off and landed.  Doug, the only remaining pilot still aloft returned to his home airfield.    We were sure he ate the remaining carrot cake.
The formation flying didn't stop even when I got home and went to bed that night.  Thoughts of that afternoon were still in my head as I piloted my Air-Bike off into aviation dreameland

The limit of Air-Bike flying just got extended!

Paul Fiebich
a.k.a. Air-Bike Ace
October 28, 2007
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High Point airfield in Valley Center, KS