Gathering of Eagles
Fly-In 2007
Gardner, Kansas
If there is anyplace a WWI affectionado should be Father's Day weekend, it is at this replica fly-in!  About 15 vintage replica warbirds and their pilots gathered to fly, eat, fly, talk, fly, make friends and fly.  Did I say fly?  Someone was in the air all the time, the flights were unscheduled.  Whenever the air was clear another pilot took to the air to thrill the crowd with their "high speed" passes, formation flight and just general
crowd-pleasing fly-bys.  .
The Kansas City Dawn Patrol smokes the skies over Paul Fiebich's (a.k.a. AirBike Ace) WWI wannabe fighter.
Emporia (EMP) is a convenient gas stop only 90 miles from Derby, KS after a refreshing flight over the Flint Hills.  Don Tevis manages this airport and does a fine job.  My stop was timely; he invited me to participate in the monthly pilot's steak fry!
Dawn Patrol pilots, Dick Starks (L) and Mark Pierce (R) strut their stuff (smoke).  Watching these planes fly in formation is a thrill you have to withness to enjoy.
Fokker Eindecker (one wing) III produced by Airdrome Aeroplanes of Holden, MO. was a beautiful example of craftsmanship and detailing..

Although not as successful as other Fokker designs it was the first warplane to use a synchronized machine gun firing through the propeller arc and between the blades.

The original Eindecker used wing warping instead of ailerons.
Marvin Berk of Louisberg, KS built and flew this beautiful Spad XIII replica.  Complete with star emblem wheel covers, exhaust pipes, camouflage paint and military markings.

You will see more of Marvin and his remarkable replica at other Kansas fly-ins