Gathering of Eagles
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Bleriot XI From Airdrome Aeroplanes and
a TEAM AirBike are ready to launch
Mark Pierce taxis past my AirBike.  Mark is not sure who the enemy is so he casts his eagle eye in all directions.

The Dawn Patrol Nieuports are all powered with VW engines using a chainsaw engine as a "starter".
Built by Van _______ of Gardner, KS this German Storch was right at home with all the other warbirds even though its vintage was past WWI.  Plane is powered by a Hirth engine.
The latest project to evolve from Airdrome Aeroplanes is this neat looking 350# Morane Model L replica.  It bosts a V-twin industrial 4-stroke engine running through a gearbox designed by Valley Engineering and uses a Culver prop.

Dick Starks,  tries to keep up with and stay in the shade as his wife Sharon taxis to a parking place.
Richard J. Bennett of Thompson, OH pushes
his Nieuport 23 following his sortie.