Gathering of Eagles 2007
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This IS a gathering of warbirds, many  have seen combat as evidenced by the bullet holes at the top of AirBike Ace's fin and rudder.  Fortunately these and other hits didn't hit anything vital.  Matter of fact there isn't much that is vital on an AirBike.
Did you watch the movie Flyboys?  If so, you will recognize this Nieuport 17 now outfitted with a Rotec 7-cylinder radial engine, as being one of those the brave pilots flew.  All four specially built planes have been returned to the U.S. and are being outfitted per the new buyer's requirements such as this one on display.
Germany liked the French Built Nieuports so well that they built
their own using that design!  This
is a Siemans Schuckert D1.  I believe
it is owned by Marvin Story of Gardner, KS.

Note that all Nieuports have only a single spar in the lower wing, hence the V-shaped interplane struts.
Members of the Lost Patrol have a fascinating display of their full size Nieuport 12 (see page 4) piloted by "Butch" Witlock, memorbalia table, posters and this "1915 Trusty" motorcycle in which they give rides
to kids and kid-like adults.

You should go online to their website: and read about their organization the
Great War Aeroplane Association.

A splinter organization exists called the Noon Patrol, that is because none of their members can get up at dawn.  Too much "liquid wing-leveler"?
Ok car buffs, what year is this AirFlow model Chrysler?  I couldn't find anything identifying it so I am guessing it is of the late '30 vintage.  This is way before my time, I'd have to ask my father what it was.

It was a beauty, nice job
whoever owns it!!
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