Gathering of Eagles
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Looking out of my tent at 7:00 AM I saw the breakfast crew busy making preparations to serve the hungry overnighters.
My 3-year old $1.00 kiddie-pool air mattress converted to a vapor barrier 15 minutes after inflating it.  So much for quality products!
EAA Chapter 200 of Gardner, KS provided a substantial breakfast.
Yeah, I know it's a kids play tent but it weighs only a 3#, cost $15 and I can sleep diagonally in it.
This beautiful Nieuport 12 (full size) belongs to Butch Witlock
Bandits 12:00 level! Hey you guys, I am a "Friendly", don't strafe me!!  Those are the redneck Dawn Patrol guys, they hunt/shoot at anything that moves.
Returning home across the  Flint Hills of KS in early evening at 500' AGL is a beautiful sight.  Cattle and horses grazing on lush grass, windmills churning and my little 503 Rotax engine screaming its way above it all.  I love it!
Only 30 miles from Derby, KS I approach Lake El Dorado from the north while still at 500'.  What a great way to end a exciting flying weekend!  Gotta go again next year.  How about you, make the trip in '08, OK?
AirBike Ace signing off and hoping you enjoyed this little photo snapshot tour of yet another flying adventure of mine.  (650 hrs on the AB)
Saw this little guy in the pilot's lounge, is aviation going
to the dogs?
Butch Witlock, like most pilots, couldn't talk if he lost his arms!  Butch has lots of enthusiasm!
AirBike Ace travels light!