Hangar Relocation Project
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In the fantasy WWI world of the small British warbird against the German fighters, AirBike Ace's secret aerdrome has been located by the enemy.  Following a series of fierce bombing attacks which would eventually destroy all the hangars*, occupants have scattered.  Some abandoning their hangars, some deliberately destroying them so the Huns couldn't use them but yours truly, AirBike Ace (cheapskate that he is) decided to disassemble his hangar and relocate to a more secure area. 

What follows is a photo description of that activity, taking just two weeks of very strenous labor. 
Hangar in its original condition as located at Hamilton Field (1K3) in Derby, KS
35' wide x 22' deep with four 8' tall bi-fold doors
Corrugated steel was unscrewed from all surfaces, loaded on a trailer and transported to the new hangar site.
Sheet metal and purlins have been removed leaving rafters and interior beam.
Acting more like King Kong than AirBike ace, Paul realizes how much damage he can do to a building with only a few hand tools.  Fortunately 90% of the building was put together with screws.  Disassembly was like taking apart a giant Erector Set project.
Remaining interior beam and three rafters provide stability to door beam prior to its removal.
A friend using his tractor with a front end loader made the job of removing the door beam both easier and safer than any other method.
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*Actually, Hamilton Field (1K3) has been sold to a developer will build a retirement village on the site. Hangar owners had 90 days to vacate the proerty.  Some rented space at other arirfields, some abandoned their hangars I chose to remove mine and rebuild it elsewhere.