Hangar Relocation Project
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Unscrewing tin and timbers seemed like an endless job.  Removed tin at left shows the girts while the above photo describes the post and beam construction. Interior posts hindered plane positioning.
Nothing remaining but the wooden structure.  Temporary post in door opening prevented  my wieight from stressing the beam while working on the roof.
Pulling posts was only somewhat successful, 5 were saved, 2 broke and the remaining ones had to be sawed off..
Last items to be removed were the four door panels, wooden door beam and salvaged steel web beams.  These items were too big for me to haul on my borrowed 12 foot trailer, 5 other men helped me.
New hangar location (still hidden from the Huns) has about an 800' useable runway.  R/C modelers protect this airfield with their constant aerial surveillance.
Two hangar locations were possible, I chose the one on the left near the road.
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