Hangar Relocation Project
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Cleared area where hangar will be rebuilt.
Felling trees with the potential to fall onto the hangar.
You're looking at one very tired woodcutter.  Thank goodness for my 30+year old McCullouch chain saw!  I couldn't have done this much work wthout it.  Hooray for 2-storke engines.
Buring the first of three brush piles.  This was an existing burn pile to which I added more brush before buring it.  Two other brush piles resulting from 5 hours of tree cutting by me and brush pilling by my wife await appropriate burn conditions.

To do this buring I obtained a burn permit from the local fire department.
The second brush pile to be burned is on the left, near it is my pile of salvaged material acting as a tent to ward off snow and rain.  To the right is the sum total of my hangar salvaged material plus some obtained from abandoned hangars.  Beams and poles are stored in another pile.
Unfortunately, my project has been stopped due to zoning restrictions.  All material has been sold
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