Arrowhead shaped formation pass prior to going off to battle are AirBike Ace on the left, Ace of the Base on the right and SkyRanger Dwight flying top cover.  Photo snapped by Sabrina.
The ensuing battle north of Valley Center was furious, the AirBikes changed to a staggered formation flying low to the terrain while SkyRanger protected their "six".  The AirBikers opened fire strafing the trenches, blowing up trains, bombing bridges and laying down  smoke screens.  all of this confused the enemy and wrought havoc.  The  air battle raged for almost an hour and covered  an  areas west from  Bently where Gary Phillips manufactured ammunition in  his "chicken coop" and east to the coliseum that served as a hiding place for all of France's artistric treasures (both completed coloring books).
Time seemed to stand still while the WWI aerial and ground battles raged on.  finally with the bomb crater smoke drifting south, the ground troops could be seen retreating north while trying to cotrol the frightened horses pulling the wheeled field artillery.  Several of the smoking holes contained remnants of Fokker Triplanes and D-VIIs.  As the English would say: "It was a bloody mess".
Circling Gary's "Chicken Coop" he and his mistress ran outside onto the driveway to see what was causing the racous noise aloft.  Seeing the triumphant defenders he waved admirably knowing that his "chicken raising" operation was safe.

Having been shot down (see below) by the Huns in a previous skirmish he has switched from aerial battles to assisting with the Underground.
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The Fokker DR-I that shot Gary down
Shy, sweet maiden, Sabrina wishes the boys well as they takeoff for battle.