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Recon.  photo of the AirBikers next target
One of the reasons the Fokker DR-I is a formidable fighter are these twin Spandau machine guns firing through the propeller
Hun plan of attack map found in the crashed Fokker DR-I
When the AirBikers saw this plane in the air during the next air battle they said "Get that Fokker".  They did!
Landing the unscathed aircraft at Dwayne's remote airfield AirBike Ace, Ace of the Base and SkyRanger Dwayne compared notes and declared the area safe from the Huns--at least for now.  They know the Huns will be back again someday.  But they did their job well today, repelled the enemy,  saved France and now the women and children can sleep snugly for another night.  Most assuredly the pilots will reap yet undisclosed individual benefits back at the bistros later in the evening.  Such are the awards of those dashing and brave WWI pilots.
With the day's battle over, each pilot returned to their respective aerodrome for celebration and a well deserved rest.  Here we see AirBike Ace blowing a little smoke following his victory roll as he scampers over the winter landscape near the Western Front enroute to his Selby Aerodrome.
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PS.  You need a good imagination if you fly a dinky little airplane!
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