All Kansas Air Tour
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After spending several hours at McPherson Airport talking with interested townspeople, the FBO staff and other pilots it was time to start the tour's first leg.  Fully warmed up with hot coffee and a few donuts it was now mid-afternoon and time to depart for Jabara Airport in Wichita.

Climbing to 3200' AGL to take advantage of anticipated tailwinds I was not disappointed to see my GPS indicating 80 MPH while the engine spun at 5800 RPM!  Nice! Prior to departing, I told Doug Moler, the Bonanza pilot, to delay his takeoff then fly above my altitude to avoid having to fight my wake turbulence!
On to Jabara Airport
Rick Hamlin of Wellington, KS prepares to start hs Super Ryan Racer and assume the role as "Pathfinder" Designed as a military trainer it was re-engined with a Continental W670-6A that provides 200 HP.
The evening kickoff catered banquet was held at Wichita's original air terminal, now home to the Kansas Aviation Museum.  The museum's atrium is unheated, thank goodness for BTUs generated by the crowd and hot food!

Many city and tour officials attended the banquet, among them was U.L. "Rip" Gooch a notable Kansas aviator and businessman.  He was the first black to own an FBO in Kansas, he sold Mooney airplanes and provided a variety of charter services.  He was also a Kansas Senator for 16 years.
Former Kansas Senator and author U.L. "Rip" Gooch with famed AirBike pilot Paul Fiebich
Wichita's former air terminal is now the home for the Kansas Aviation Museum ( and is on the register for historic landmarks.
Wednesday morning of day two again brought temperatures in the mid 30's as we prepared to depart Jabara.  The cold most affected those of us flying open cockpit planes.  Oh to have doors and a heater!  When hypothermia begins setting in my biologcal stick-shaker tells me to land.  About an hour of that cold was all I could take, I thought my plane was shaking like a BT-13A Vultee Vibrator! 
Departing Jabara about 9:00 AM