All Kansas Air Tour
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Although I was one of the first planes to leave Jabara, everyone passed me (you'd think it was a race) and I landed at Kingman in last place.  There is however, one benefit to flying my bug-bumper in the winter--no bugs!

Except for the cold and turbulence, Wednesday's flight to Kingman-Cessna Airport was a good one.  A 20-MPH tailwind pushed me along at 80 MPH while again flying at 3200' AGL!

The ground crew welcomed and directed our planes to their parking places.  Community volunteers  in the warm FBO greeted us and povided a pilot participation flight bag filled with goodies.
Two Stearmans and a Howard DGA (Damned Good Airplane) park to provide a grand entryway to the Kingman FBO.  It is great to see these old planes on the ramp, even better to fly next them. The oil accumulalting beneath these radial engines was not caused by leaks, these big engines are just marking their territory.
The Kingman H.S. Jazz band provided music while we ate a very well balanced breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravey, fruit cup, coffee and juice.

Re-enactor Gary Kriebel, played a very credible role representing Clyde Cessna as he told the story of one of Kansas' aviation greats.  Having one of the tour stops at the Kigman-Cessna airport was very appropriate because it was of course Clyde Vernon Cessna who started the Cessna Aircraft Company.
Joey & Richard Giblin of Wichita team up to refuel their 1943 Stearman.
A fine Gesture
AV gas was available at each stop, however my engine runs on  regular auto gas and it isn't available at the airport.  A community volunteer, Cleland McBurney drove me to town in his '37 Pontiac for the sole purpose of getting auto gas.  The 5-gallon can he let me use already held two gallons and he wouldn't let me reimburse  him for that .  He said it was one more way he could contribute to the air tour.  This was another nice gesture from Kingman that I will certainly pass forward.
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