All Kansas Air Tour
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Rain was soon added to the mixture that plagued the tour as it wound its way through western Kansas causing two city stops to be canceled and a day's layover at another. some said it was so windy that folks were chaining the logs to the andiorons in their fireplaces lest the draft suck them up the chimney.  Others said that farmers carried cement blocks in each hand when walking between the house and barn otherwise they might end up milking cows at a neighbor's.  You can believe what you want but I think  that it is mostly true.
Goin' Home
Hanging the camera out the left side of the cockpit and shooting through the prop swing makes for an interesting photo of the approaching landscape.
The tailwind I enjoyed earlier was now an obstinate headwind.  Flying at only 300' AGL kept me in the lower winds of about 15 MPH allowing a ground speed of 55 mph.  To go higher was to go slower.  This was an IFR flight (I Follow Road) as U.S. 54 led me directly back to Wichita where I then skirted the Mid-Continent Class C airspace.  The turbulence at this altitude was terrific and at times I thought my breakfast was going to end up on the panel.  And the cold made the pucker factor tighter than a cow's ass during fly season.
My portion of flying these two legs and its associated "get there and back" distance totaled 250 miles.  My plan to rejoin the tour on its last two days was thwarted by rain, hail and thunderstorms.  I did however, drive to the last two airports to greet other pilots as they landed and then enjoyed the closing banquet.  Everyone was very tired, especially the Stearman and Ryan pilots. I truly enjoy flying and this event being the 80th anniversary of the original tour made the trip even more significant.  I am very pleased to have participated in this historic re-enactment event in spite of the hardships for us open-cockpit pilots.  Flying continues to be a wonderful activity for me; my little AirBike has taken me to places I never would have visited otherwise.  Sometimes heart matters more than size.
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