Ponca City Breakfast Flight
November 1, 2008
There is always something special about early morning flights.  The plane's wing collects a haze of dew soon after being pushed from the hangar and the tires glisten black from the pre-dawn moisture after rolling through the grass.  A brilliant orange sun quickly rises over the horizon creating stabbing shafts of sunlight that highlight the ground fog as they pierce the hedgerows.  The air is still and the windsock hangs limp while in the distance I hear birds chirping, horses whinnying, chickens crowing and dogs barking.  It is peaceful and I just know a beautiful morning flight awaits me.
Fifteen minutes after sun-rise I have completed my FSS call and filed a flight plan.  The Rotax engine had briefly 4-cycled then settled down to its raucous 2-cycle staccato exhaust note that shattered the morning calm while it warmed up.
Five minutes later I was rising off the sod field's 40 degree temperature and climbing into the 50 degree air at 4000 feet.  In addition to being warm up there Flight Service said I would have a tailwind, they were right, almost 20 mph!  I cruised along at 75 mph while the engine churned at an easy 5800 cruise rpm.
The Kansas countryside was beautiful, fog lifting, sun shining through the haze and the trailing wind was constant, no bumps.  Black smoke could be seen puffing from the stacks of diesel tractors being started in fields and farmyards. 
My AirBike's little 2-stroke Rotax engine ran smoothly and the carbon fiber prop is almost invisible when spinning.  Occasionally it would catch the sunlight and create one of those shiny prop-long "lightening bolt" reflections that rotated slowly.  The normal vibration of the fabric, flying wires and engine was very comforting and confirmed a pleasanat flight was in progress.
Because of the haze and low lying fog, the morning sun's shine bounced off the small ponds and watersheads causing sunbeams to reflect upwards in various sizes like angled light sabers from a Star Wars movie.
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