Ponca City Breakfast Trip
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Entering the pattern at Ponca City, Oklahoma 60 miles from my starting point, I sequenced myself, made a low smoke pass over the runway then came back around for a landing on concrete runway 17.  About 50 planes were on the ground, some just taxiing in, others parked and still others preparing to depart.  The colors, types and models were amazing; experimental, homebuilt, original one-of-a-kind design, high-wing, low-wing, pusher, tractor, single and twin engin.  The individuality is breathtaking.
The Ponca City Boosters Club who sponsor this event run a well organized fly-in complete with ramp marshals directing ground traffic and a man on a 4-wheeler showing me to a parking place.  Lots of warm welcome's, handshakes, glad-to-see-ya's and general light hearted conversation mixed in with sarcastic comments appropriate for my little plane.  I immediately recognized pilot friends of Monte Jestus, Mike Hilderbrand, Jim Smith, Larry Hart, Dick Geidy and eventually made a new friend in Leonard Eaves who piloted his personally designed and built Skeeter.
The $6.00 breakfast is outstanding and well balanced!  All you can eat of pancakes, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage patties, bacon, chopped potatoes a variety of fruit and at line's end was coffee and orange juice.  Pilots of small planes had to be careful of the pounds they ate because it could adversely affect their plane's CG.  The pot-bellied guys obviously had a forward CG.  They are also the ones that state "a good pilot builds a shed over his tools".
Time spent waiting in line is an opportunity t socialize make new friends and greet existing ones.  The dining room's atmosphere is is the result of many happy people having a good time.  The overflow crowd ate outside on picnic tables placed on the sunny side of the building.  From there folks had a good viw of the runway and ramp activities.  What an outsanding way to stat a Saturday morning!
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