Rudder Pedal Modification
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Although my arms and legs stick out, the original AirBike cockpit always seemed a bit small.  When I built my fuselage I raised the wing 1-1/2" and pushed the seat back 2" but forgot to consider my 33" inseam length.  Consequently my knees always were positioned a bit high which was uncomfortable.
A fellow AirBiker, William Everette of Florida, mentioned a mod he made to his AirBike which seemed like the perfect solution. Following his coaching I did something similar to my plane.  You may find it interesting and hopefully this page will help you duplicate the process.
This modification can be made to an AirBike either underconstruction or during a retrofit.  I have retrofitted my plane in such a manner that the mod is not permenant, the plane can be returned to it's original condition quickly.
These dimensions allowed me to move the rudder pedal pivot tube from its original position to that of being in front of the firewall.
Bending the link accomodated the fuselage taper, the two tubes accomodated the existing pivot bracket tube and new pivot bracket tube.
Wooden link installed for test fit, permitting pivot tube to be moved forward.  Note the clamp temporairly securing the pivot tube.
Being a woodworker, I made the welding jig from wood.  The angle conforms to the bent link, the holes accept the two tubing sizes, the round head screws act as standoffs and the end screws hold the tubes in position during welding.
All the pieces are in place and ready for welding on the exposed side.  The C-clamp holds the link in place.  The countersink on the flush mounted tube allows room for the weld bead.
The photo at right shows how the standoff round head screws maintain clearance to avoid burning the jig during welding.
Welding the other side is done after removing the parts from the jig.
Finish welded/painted parts ready for installation. Small unpainted tubes go inside the existing pivot bracet tubes,  and painted tubes house the newly located pivot tube.
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