Stearman Bar & Grill Flight
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Eventually, fourteen people joined our luncheon group. Conversation was as varied as it gets
with any collection of pilots.  We talked about everything from engines, new planes, project
progress, pet animals, hobbies, as well as how hungry we were. Stearman Bar & Grill serves
great burgers and speciality  sandwiches (among other entrees). The main dining room was
packed while others dined in the sun-drenched glassed-in patio area.

An hour and a half later, with our stomach's full of sandwiches, multiple cups of coffee, hot
chocolate, and tea, we decided it was time to go.  One by one, pilots hopped into their planes
and took off while others left the parking lot in cars. It was a great way to end the year: a good
day flying, wonderful friends and good food.
My AirBike and a Kitfox  Lite parked  in front of the Stearman Bar and Grill
Yours truly, fifth from the left, as this end of the fourteen-person table awaits its order
I bundled up for the return flight in my AirBike; pant legs tucked into my socks and anchored  
with rubber bands, long johns adjusted, windbreaker pants on, shirt collar buttoned tight, silk
scarf in place, stocking cap on under the helmet, leather gloves tightened at the wrist and
goggles fastened.

Time to go:  Contact! Taxi and takeoff.  I was on my  way home.  What a memorable way to
close out 2011.