Turning  Leaf Fly-in 2010
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To participate in this fly-in, I left Selby Aerodrome about 1:00 in the early afternoon and with a waiver
from the Mid-Continent tower, flew through the airport's Class C airspace while following the Big Ditch
at an altitude of 400' AGL. Over the tower frequency I heard the announcement: "Watch for wake
turbulence from an AirBike flying the Big Ditch." I think I detected a slight bit of sarcasm is that voice!
Flying  the Big Ditch brought me close to this aquatic
subdivision south of Valley Center
Sabrina  Moler stands next to the Cessna 150 in
which her husband Doug, is giving her lessons
Bea & Larry Hart, participants in almost every fly-in,
arrived in their Rans Coyote.  Upon taxiing to park,
one tire went flat.
With a smoking flyby at Highpoint, I announced my arrival and signaled more temporary IFR conditions to
follow during the day's activities. It wasn't long before a later smoking solo performance by me was met
with a challenge from Doug Moler in his AirBike.  Upon his landing and walking away from the plane, I
noticed that Doug seemed to be a bit light on his feet.  Or, better yet, make that on one foot. The heel of
his left shoe had a very neat concave shape to it, which matched exactly the shape of the muffler.  Seems
as though his muffler is a mite too close to the rudder stirrup, the interference between muffler and shoe
heel was dissolved by heat! Later we teamed up for multiple formation smoking fly-bys.  
Brian  FitzGerald photo
Brian FitzGerald photo
Brian  Fitzgerald photo
Everyone announces their arrival differently, some  with high speed passes, some with
noisy unmuffled engines.  I do it with a low level smoke pass.
There  is just nothing like a smoke plum to spruce up either a takeoff or fly-by.  Doug Moler does
his best to turn the field into IFR conditions.
Note Doug's uniquely modified left shoe heel, it
matches perfectly with the radius of the AirBike's
muffler.  He wears only this pair of shoes when
Mike Hilderbrand's Sonnex continues to evolve. First it was
completed and flown, then the invasion stripes and Stars &
Bars were added.  Next, red paint decorated the wingtips and
wheelpants.  Finally, he began the process of polishing the
aluminum skin to an eye-blinding glare! Wear your Ray Bans!
Paul Fiebich refuels his trusty warbird and repairs combat damage prior to
the next sortie.
At 6:15 PM I peeled out of our formation, circled the runway and made a mad dash for Selby Airdrome 30
miles away and 15 minutes prior to official sunset.  Even at 65 MPH I didn't make it but the sky was clear
which provided an extra 15 minutes of civil twilight.  Five minutes after landing, the lights went out, it was
dark as the inside of a cow!
Refuled,  wiped down, parked and covered, my AirBike was soon resting in its bunker while the hot
engine parts popped and creaked
as it continued to cool down. Hangar door shut, ceiling lights out, I
walked the hangar's length in darkness towards the entry door knowing by heart where the obstacles
What a great day, I love this flying stuff!