Wingtip Camera
Looking for a different perspective from which to take aerial photos?  Here is a method to accomplish that goal which will take a few evenings of tinkering, some camera supplies and a little inguenity.  Look at what I have done with a $20 camera then adapt the method to suit your needs.  It is fun to build and the results are astounding!
This is the perspective I am talking about, pretty neat eh?
Point 'N Shoot self-winding camera permits multiple pictures, a real convenience over manual film advance.
Camera is "trapped" in a .016" thick T-aluminum  holder with a wood base.  Holes in the holder permit camera operations.  A custom made holder secures the air-powered trigger mechanism in place
Holder that traps the camera is screwed to the wood base containing the mounting screw. This was necessary because there was no threaded tripod mounting hole. The camera is padded with foam insulation weatherstripping.

The shutter button had no means for attaching a remote cable release, hence the little mounting bracket directly above the shutter button.
Exploded photo showing adjustable mounting brackets, hardware and assembled camera unit.  The adjustment permits mounting the camera in either of two wing "hard points" (nutplates) at the end of each spar.

.032 aluminum was used to make the brackets.  This is not critical, use whatever you have.  All metal parts were cut with aviation tin snips, hack saw and jig saw.
Solving Problems