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Snaking the air tube through the space behind the aft spar was very convenient.  It is held in place with loose  zip ties.  The tube enters the outboard wingtip on the bottom and exits the root wing rib on the side.  It then winds its way between the wings to the cockpit.
Until I come up with a better method, the sqzueeze bulb is temporairly stored between the panel and a down tube.  Key elements are to make it accessable, not an interferance with control operations and not vulnerable to the wind which could blow the bulb off the air hose.  Then you got nothing.
OK, now it is time to determine if our effort has been worthwhile.  I think it is pretty neat!
Photos were taken Saturday June 14, 2008 at 8:15 PM.  The harsh light tended to over-expose the photos, how-ever the results are encouraging enough for me to continue with this camera location project.
Flying one of the curves in the Arkansas River just south of Derby,  Kansas resulted in this striking photo.

A little more practice of "aiming" the plane and positioning the camera should result in even better shots.

Watch for more photos
Overall I am pleased with the reults of this project and encouraged to con-tinue.  Further adjustments will be shoothing earlier in the day, trying different camera mounting angles and throttling back when triggering the shutter. 

Film is Walgreens ASA 400, I will try Kodak film next.
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