Wingtip Camera Page 5
Here are two more neat photos of the Derby, Kansas area.  The one below was taken in early June as I cruised over the Arkansas River at 500 feet AGL
I really like to tinker, making this wingtip camera was a lot of fun and the results have been fantastic.  The last roll of film was Kodak ASA 800  which immproved the number of sharp photos.  Some things I learned in taking these photos:

1. Camera orientation becomes deflected a bit from its original position due to windage.
2. The camera causes only a slight bit of yaw and after a few minutes of flying I automatically compensated for it.
3. It is difficult to know just what will be in the frame because I can't see what I am shooting at.  It is best to take a "wide" photo then crop to make the picture.
4. Varying the camera orientation provides more interesting photos.

If you try this, send me your results to me and I will post them on this website.  Hope you have fun, I sure do!
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Approaching a local airport to land requires flying over a neighborhood