(updated 07/12/08)
1.  You don't have very many instruments, how do you navigate?
By using what is called "pilotage" which is a combination of using aviation
charts, compass, wristwatch and paying attention to where I am all the time by
referencing my chart with ground features. This is very hard to do, especially when
having so much fun flying.  Only exceptionally skilled pilots can do this.

.  Have you ever gotten lost?
       Never, but I have on occasion flown for over an hour not knowing where I
was.            But really, are you lost if you don't care where you are?

3.  What is that black instrument on your panel that looks like a miniature
tall skinny house with a big picture window?
Shhhh!  That's my handheld Garmin Plus III GPS unit, it is an electronic
backup            for my marvelous pilotage skills.

4.  Wow, that must have set you back quite a few dollars!
Naw, I bought it used for about $200..  It is intended for boaters, hikers
and       hunters. I works fine as long as I don't exceed 150 mph and in an Airbike
that is really not a limitation..

5.  What do you like best about your Airbike?
It is lots of fun to fly, a great conversation piece, inespensive to operate and I
get to meet a lot of interesting people like yourself.

6.  Is your wife a pilot?
No, but she supports my flying activity (somewhat) and tolerates my
personality changes when I'm in "pilot mode".

7.  Why do you have that thermometer on your panel?
Two reasons. First, so I know whether or not to be comfortable and second,
it is used to measure OAT (Outside Air Temperature) which is factored-in when
calculating density altitude.

8.   Why do you call a plain old thermometer's measurement OAT?
Two reasons.  Pilot types like to use achronyms so ground-dwellers will be
mystified and second,
anyplace where I put a thermometer in my plane's cockpit it
would measure the outside temperature.

9.   Why do you carry a Boy Scout Silva compass?
That's my backup to all the fancy high-tech equipment on my panel.

10.  Why do you have a skylite?
It's part of my "Artificial Horizon" instrument group; if I can see the ground
through the skylite then I know my attitude is out of whack, and the ground is
gonna whack me----soon.

11.   What is the "Traditional $100 hamburger"?
That is the realistic expense total (gas, insurance, hourly operating costs,
hangar fees, burger cost and tip etc.) when a pilot flies to a restaurant to get a
hamburger lunch.  The big difference is that in an Airbike your expenses are less
than $20!

12.Your tailwheel looks familiar,I think I saw one like it at Dillon's
      Wow, you're sharp!  It is a wheel salvaged from a grocery cart that had a bad
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