F.A.Q. Page #3
(Updated 07-12-08)
1. I noticed your plane has a number of bullet holes, how did that happen?
This IS a combat plane replicating a W.W.I. fighter, my plane has been in battle.

How can you fly with those bullet holes?
Look closely and you will notice that none of the bullet holes go through vital areas.

Do those red, white and blue circles on your wings act as targets for the enemy?
Yes, actually they are part of my deception scheme.  The roundels are located in non-vital areas
of the pllane.  If the enemy shoots at them, they won't hit anything vital.

I noticed that there is a bullet hole on the side of your helmet, didn't that hurt?
Like I said, none of the bullets hit anything vital.....

How long have you flown your Air-Bike?
years this July '08 It now has 703 hours on the hourmeter.

703 hours, that's rather hard to put into perspective.  Is that a lot?
I think so, that is an average of about 70 hours per year.  That is a lot for a light plane like this.

How far can you go 703 hours?
At an average speed of 55 mph it works out to 39,000 miles.  That's more than 1-1/2 times
around the      world at the equater.  Unlike Steve Fossett in the GlobalFlyer, I have to stop to
refuel--a lot!

What is the hardest part of flying that far?
The airplane seat.  I am still trying to get the wrinkles out of my butt!

I like your smoke system, but sometimes your smoke trails are high in the sky, why is
After a particularly difficult dog fight with the enemy, I feel so victorious that I like to go up and
mark      my territory!

How high do you fly?
Well, let's say that if I had a transponder, the antenna would be mounted on TOP of my plane so
I            could beam the signal UP to the tower.

What is that big black thing hanging on the side of you engine?
That is a carburetor silencer which is part of my Anti-Stealth mode.

Anti-Stealth mode?  What is that?
Combining the noisy engine with my slow speed, the enemy can't detect that I am
approaching                 because the sound level doesn't seem to change.  They think I am just
passing by in the distance.

How is that Anti-Stealth?
After awhile the enemy gets used to the noise and ignores it which  allows me to get very close
for a         bombing and strafing attack.  Thus a surprise attack via Anti-Stealth.  Neat concept, eh?

How did you get the name "Ace" attached to your name?
During WWI  I shot down five planes, fortunately, three of them were the enemy.

If I think of more questions, how can I ask them when you are gone from the display
E-mail is the best way, just click on this link: fiebichpv@aol.com  or print my card shown below.
Wing and empennage "wounds"
Aft fuselage, too close for
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