(As of 10/01/03)
Engine Gauges: Tachometer, dual EGT & CHT, and  Hourmeter.

Engine Switches: Left & right Mags, Master kill, keyed ignition, electrical master.

Flying Instruments: Altimiter, Compass, Airspeed (located on strut), Slip/Skid, portable GPS. Green card at right is my aerobatic sequence, compliments of Patty Wagstaff.

Electrical: Landing Light, Navigation Lights, strobe light on fin, smoke oil pump switch on/off..

Fuel Selector: Fuselage: Fuse. Tank/Wing Tanks/Off, Mixing Valves: On/Off for each wing tank, Wing Control Valves: On/Off/Drain located at aft wing root.

Other: Throttle, primer, OAT, smoke oil on/off flow valve.

Not shown: Smoke Pump, Fuel level, Emergency Parachute Release Handle, radio antenna.
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Top view of wing showing skylite and wing fuel tank caps.
View from the pilot's seat looking up thru the skylite.  Note the fuel sight tubes, fuel panel, mirror and fuel feed lines. On/off/drain fuel valve for each wing tank is not shown.  
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Looks Pretty Neat Eh?
Leather flying jacket and helmet are resting on the seat cushion, the red panel near the throttle is the mount for a handheld radio that is wired into a fixed antenna on the aft fuselage.  Since this photo was taken the gage just above the red panel has been relocated to the lower right edge of the panel.  Tachometer, airspeed and temperature instruments are color coded for quick reference. I am running out of room for stuff!
Original panel when my Air-Bike was built in 1998. 
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CHT gage has been relocated to just below the Mag. switches, note the color coding.  Also above the altimiter is a Trip Card listing airports, runways, and identifiers; sort of like a "Jepsen Card" (??!!?) for VFR that I use on trips.